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eve gaming has redefined online gaming in the Philippines. Both nueve gaming and FaChai online casino got players as their top priority. Nuebe Gaming is an industry pioneer. Nueve gaming has distinguished itself as an online casino. Its distinct feature is recommending the best games to loyal nueve gaming players

Nueve gaming is among the pioneers in the Philippine online casino industry together with FaChai online casino.

Since its creation, it has established a huge reputation in the online casino industry for its fair betting experience and excellent gaming technology offered to clients. Nueve gaming has built partnerships with various game suppliers to create the best proprietary systems and technology platforms for online casino gaming. And it prides itself on its secure account management system that protects the data privacy of the clients. Importantly, it provides 24/7 customer service to attend to your concerns or problems while playing nuebe gaming. In December of 2019, the Isle of Man Gambling License issued a gaming license to Nueve Gaming, making the company the first online casino site to be legally accessible in the Philippines. To date, the Nuebe Gaming site offers its player’s 300 games, which include slots, video poker, live casino, sports betting, arcade games, and table games. Games offered on the site are sourced from well-known suppliers such as Kingmaker, FaChai, KA Gaming, and AE Gaming, to ensure an excellent online casino gaming experience for users. Nueve gaming prides itself on creating a team composed of the best among the best in the industry, whose commitment focuses on providing players with the best options in all gaming aspects. And as a Philippine-situated company, nuebe gaming promises to take part in the economic development of the Philippines by performing its responsibility as a taxpayer and employer.


More about Nueve Gaming: What you will love and gain with Nuebe Gaming

Since its launch, nueve gaming has established itself worldwide, being played by players across the globe. It has further solidified its stand in the online casino industry by being licensed by the Isle of Man, one of the best and most legit licensing casino institutions in the Philippines. A survey reveals that 97% of players and users of nuebe gaming expressed high satisfaction rates, which is pretty unusual for online casino gaming sites except at FaChai online casino where satisfaction rates are also high. Nueve Gaming values players' reviews and perceptions of the games, and their overall experience in the app. With that, a comment section below the page is provided for the players to leave their comments and suggestions about anything under the sun that concerns nueve gaming. It could be about the games, the payment methods, the live broadcast, etc.

Leading the gaming industry is FaChai online casino but in particular, nuebe gaming, offers players more than 300 unique games, such as betting games, AE Slot, Fachai, JILI's Game, and many others. If you want to enjoy these games, you can create an account with Nuebe Gaming for free. All you need to register is your personal information like your name, username, safe password, active contact number, and personal device. Nueve gaming even has a reminder feature that reminds you about your registration if so circumstances have often delayed you to register with the site. Sports betting and other games with gambling involved are prohibited in some countries. However, this does not imply that players cannot participate in online casino games like Nueve Gaming. You can check on your government whether the online casino game you want to play is legal. It is better to make sure about your country's stance on this matter to avoid any personal trouble and complications. It is always best to play Nueve Gaming if you know for yourself that you don't need to worry about punishments or any violations.

nuevegamingA002.png Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino are not only for casino lovers; it is also best for family and friends to enjoy together. Microgaming and Playtech, are among the leading game suppliers alongside Kingmaker, which provide family-friendly games to everyone. Need a game to entertain your friends? Or an app that offers a variety of games to strengthen that bond with your family? Then Nueve Gaming is best for you. It is easy to find and play with any device you use. Again, players can use and play nueve gaming on any device, either iOS, Android, personal computer, tablet, or cellphone. Remember that some online casino sites won't allow players from distinct nations to play because gambling is illegal in their area. However, with Nueve Gaming, players need not worry because the management has been able to secure licenses for different countries, including the Philippines. This guarantees every player that Nueve Gaming is safer and more secure than any other online casino app. Furthermore, Nuebe Gaming is given the authority and license to have online sports betting like e-sabong, card games, and bingo games, which are often illegal in other countries and becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Additionally, Nuebe Gaming offers virtual sports and minigames for its players to enjoy. Along with these games are unique bonuses and promotions only available at FaChai online casino and nueve gaming. These promotions are available to gamers of all experience levels and are not just for new players or loyal users. Besides the bonuses and promotions, Nuebe Gaming allows fast cash in and cash out from 30 banks and commonly used payment options to deposit money, make credit transactions, or withdraw winnings. This only shows the versatility and flexibility of Nueve Gaming. The most common deal and promotion from nueve gaming, which the majority of the users enjoy is the welcome bonus given to players after buying their first credit and signing up with Nueve Gaming. As said in this article, Nuebe Gaming is very generous to its players and this generosity translates to the $200 welcome cost that comes with a 200% match bonus. Talking about a warm and kind greeting to every player. For gamers, participating in our casino can have a profound impact, not only on your online casino experience but on your money as well. For weekend reloads, nueve gaming also provides a promotion that could reach around $200 and offers a promotion of double points that are only redeemable when playing particular or designated games. For players finally completing their rank, they will each receive 200 item cards from Nueve gaming.

For everyone's convenience, Nuebe Gaming has also provided a link to a playing guide for JILI's game on the website. If you are intrigued and fascinated by the possibility of winning additional change, you can use your Gold Card issued by Nueve Gaming to enter the free games. You can use this Gold Card for several games, including JILI's games. There is no doubt that copyright breaches won't affect the Casino. FaChai online casino and nueve gaming also respect the rights of the owners of the brands and pictures used. The terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy are available on the Nuebe Gaming website. They also welcome communication from the players on other social media platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Six Tips for Every Online Casino Newbies

FaChai online casino gaming has become increasingly popular nowadays, especially since everyone is forced to stay home because of the on-going pandemic. Amid its popularity and generous offers to gamblers worldwide, certain disadvantages continue to taint the image of online casinos in people's minds. However, Nueve Gaming aims to change that negative perception and become different from others. To further make your Nuebe Gaming experience positive and erase the negatives, you can follow these six simple tips presented here.

1. Check if the Site is Available in Many Countries

Before deciding what online casino gaming site to choose, check whether the website is available in your country. If you are from the Philippines, need not worry about FaChai online casino or nueve gaming. One reason why you should check on this before playing is that some online casino sites operate illegally in some countries. You should be wary of these sites because playing illegally might cause you imprisonment for years. However, with Nuebe Gaming online casino, it is legal and available anywhere around the world. You could choose to message the game's administrator to get a license from your jurisdiction if your government or state forbids online gambling.

2. Make Sure You Have the Correct License Information

Another crucial thing to look for is whether or not the online casino is licensed in your country of residence. Due to the fact that they are controlled by the relevant authorities, licensed casinos may be trusted. As a result, they will refrain from engaging in unlawful activities. Both Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino maintain online license certificates that you may verify.

3. Make sure that license information gathered from the site is accurate.

The online casino's license in your country is another crucial factor to consider. Casinos, especially online casinos, with licenses can be trusted because they are governed by the appropriate authorities. They will therefore refrain from engaging in illegal activity as a result. FaChai online casino and nueve gaming are examples of licensed and legalized online casino sites in the Philippines without any issues about government violations or some sort. You can check the Nuebe Gaming license certificate online.

4. Do background research on the online casino sites you wish to join.

Besides checking the license information, you should likewise conduct a background check of the online casino site you want to play on including FaChai online casino. You should learn more about their company's policies and practices, in addition to verifying the license information, to check if their processes coincide with your values as a gambler or bettor. Also, check the bonus policies implemented by the online casino site and the games they provide - if they somehow fit your tastes and preferences. Illegal gaming sites often limit winners' withdrawals to 10% of their winnings, so better check on how these online casino sites deal with your earnings. Consequently, you might want to read online evaluations when conducting a background check. For Nueve Gaming, all information mentioned is available online, so no need to dig a hole to know about nuebe gaming and decide whether it is the best online casino gaming site for you.

nuevegamingA003.png Selecting an online casino gaming site is one of the most important factors to consider for every newbie in this industry. There are several online casinos in the country, including FaChai online casino and nueve gaming, but you must pick the best one for your gaming needs and preferences. Everyone has different parameters used in choosing their online casino gaming site; however, if you are new to the industry, always consider reliability and security as your key characteristics. The majority of casinos, including online casino gaming sites, claim themselves as reputable establishments. They market themselves as a popular and trustworthy institution with a growing number of people trusting them day by day. But before believing right away, always check the credibility of their words. Online reviews from fellow casino lovers, gamblers, and bettors can serve as your basis to check if experience coincides with their claims. Furthermore, consider paying out winnings to check the credibility of an online casino gaming site. A trustworthy casino site will not give you issues with your winning profits. This is the point where, if the casino is reliable, you can show evidence of your claim. In this regard, some casinos are ethical, whereas others are unethical. While dishonest online casinos have not kept their commitments, reputable casinos and online casinos are doing so. Nuebe Gaming not only claims as a trustworthy online casino site for its players; it also strives to uphold its words to its clients.

Lastly, check the withdrawal and deposit fees and processes of the online casino gaming site like FaChai online casino and nueve gaming. Before placing your wager, it is advisable to take into account the withdrawal and deposit fees charged by web-based casinos like Nuebe Gaming. You might wish to reconsider your decision if their withdrawal fees are excessively expensive. You should also consider how long it will take them to return your deposit of money. Expensive withdrawal fees may cost you more than you deposited. On the other hand, lengthy deposit and withdrawal processes may lead to more problems with your money. So better check it out before choosing.

5. Choose a mobile-friendly online casino app that is compatible with your device.

Most people today own smartphones, including you, and the majority play their favorite games using their mobile devices too. With that, it is best to choose the app that is very compatible with your device to ensure a smooth gaming experience. For Nueve Gaming, clients need not worry about device compatibility since the APK is compatible with any device, may it be Android or iOS. Also, Nuebe Gaming has a mobile-friendly website that does not require you to download the app to enjoy.

6. Choose an online casino website with a fun layout that is simple to navigate.

People will always be drawn to a funky layout, especially on online casino gaming sites. However, you should also consider the practicality of the layout - Is it easy to navigate? Can you easily locate the buttons? Does the color scheme fit the theme? Furthermore, you should opt for sites that constantly update their websites and apps, like nueve gaming and FaChai online casino, since it allows improvement and growth to foster in the company.

How to Create an Account in Nueve Gaming?

Below are the 4 simple and easy steps to create an account in Nueve Gaming.

  1. Click on the Register Here and enter your name, password of your account, and phone number. A code will be sent to your phone number to verify your account.
  2. Deposit money into your account through any of the 30 banks and well-known payment centers. Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino commonly uses GCash in almost all of its transactions.
  3. Browse all the games in Nueve Gaming, ranging from slot games to live casino games. The variety of casino games may be a little overwhelming and you will be convinced to play almost all the games that interest you. But it is still best to choose the one that hits two birds with one stone: 1) a fun game that 2) guarantees more chances of winning.
  4. Win big jackpots with Nuebe Gaming online casino games with 100% cashout. Cash-out is still through GCash or the other verified banks and payment centers.

How Can I Get Nueve Gaming APK?

The Nueve Gaming APK has been downloaded by millions of people since it was made available. The APK is equally adaptable because it works with all platforms, primarily Android and iOS. Follow these easy steps to obtain the Nueve Gaming APK:

Step 1: Search the Nueve Gaming APK download page in your browser.

Step 2: Select your download access from the screen's flashing options. Download Nueve Gaming - for Android - APK if you use Android, and the same is true for IOS users.

Step 3: Open the APK after downloading, then create follow the steps in creating an account with Nueve Gaming.

Step 4: Play and enjoy the thousands of games Nueve Gaming and its suppliers have developed for you to enjoy.

What categories of games are found in Nueve Gaming?

There are many casino games to choose from at either Nuebe Gaming or FaChai online casino. In particular, below is the list of Nuebe Gaming game categories for you to choose and enjoy.

1. E-Sabong

E-Sabong is the term used to describe betting on live cockfighting matches, events, and/or activities that are streamed or aired from cockpit arenas to your mobile phone or any device. E-sabongs must have a license or be authorized by the Local Government Units with jurisdiction over those events. Nueve Gaming offers itself as an e-sabong platform for sabungeros and bettors.

How to Win in E-Sabong?

E-sabong became widely popular during the pandemic when everyone is encouraged to stay at home. Some online sabongs operate illegally; however, Nueve Gaming has been able to secure a license to operate. To enjoy e-sabong more, Nuebe Gaming provides you with steps to win in an online sabong tournament or event.

a) Know your entry point before betting

Veterans in the cockpit industry advise new players to know a perfect time and entry point before betting their money to ensure a win. You can have a slight idea about the perfect timing by researching about sabong, and watching 100 or more watches to examine. You can use these insights to formulate a winning strategy when playing e-sabong at Nuebe Gaming or FaChai online casino.

b) Try to study the e-sabong trends

Nuebe gaming encourages its players to study the e-sabong trends to date. Studying these trends and incorporating them into your strategies allow you to get more chances of winning. From time to time, examine these trends and try integrating them into your strategy if you see them fit because the traditional and overly used technique may be inapplicable to apply to the modernized approach to sabong.

2. Baccarat

Baccarat is simply a fast-paced basic guessing game that involves two dealt hands: the banker's hand and the player's hand. You should choose which hand you should wager on to win. You can get a possible nine points with Baccarat and the hand with the most points wins. Both Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino offer baccarat games for players to enjoy: old or new.

How to Play Baccarat?

Baccarat can be a little challenging for new players, but once you get the gist of it, the game shall become the easiest for you. To get started with Baccarat in Nueve Gaming, you can follow these steps to play the game.

Step 1: Formulate your game plan, starting with determining your gaming budget and sticking to it. In casino gaming, never exceed your budget. As much as possible, do not even bring credit cards to the game to stop you from going beyond your budget. And besides that, also set a winning limit. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing all your accumulated winnings in one go.

Step 2: Players shall place their bet before the game starts. In Nuebe Gaming and on any other casino sites like FaChai online casino , players can bet on the following three options: a) Banker's hand - Players love to bet on a banker's hand because the winning bet pays equal money or a 1 is to 1 ratio. For example, if you bet Php 1,000 pesos then you can expect to win the same quantity. b) Player's hand - Like the banker's hand, this also gives equal money. c) Tie - Unlike the two options, choosing a tie has 8 to 1 ration

Step 3: While playing at Nuebe Gaming or FaChai online casino, understand how a round operates and how the cards are dealt: in normal play, the Banker's and the Player's hands each receive a total of two cards. Find out when the third card is drawn. The dealer may draw another card for one or more hands, depending on their totals, if neither hand totals 8 or 9.

For the third card, the Player always goes first based on the rules of baccarat. The Player's hand will strongly influence the Banker's hand. These are the guidelines when there is a third card:


No more cards will be drawn if the Player's hand totals

8 or 9, making it a natural win. The Player's hand remains in place. On point totals of 6 or 7, the Player's hand always stands as well. The Player draws a third card for any total from 0 to 5, unless the Banker has an 8 or a 9. If that happens, the Banker prevails and no further cards are dealt. When the Banker draws a third card, a unique set of rules is put into effect. These guidelines can be reviewed, but there is no requirement to memorize them.

Step 4: Players should understand the concept of a winning hand. The hand that totals the closest to 9 points after all cards have been dealt and played out will win. Most of the time, even in Nueve Gaming, each hand only receives a maximum of three hands and never exceeds. Both hands remain in play if there is a tie. The dealer gathers the bets that were lost and pay the winners.

3. Sports Betting

Sports betting is another form of betting or gambling that is popular at FaChai online casino wherein the players will wage their money on the team or sports player who they believe will have more chances of winning the game. Bettors and gamblers almost bet in all sports like basketball, volleyball, football, golf, or boxing. In Nueve Gaming, players can bet on the following: e-sports, NBA basketball, UFC, tennis, badminton, football, baseball, and golf. Playing sports betting, in general, is pretty straightforward compared to other betting games. Usually, players need only to choose a team that they think will win. But the rules may vary for every set of the game. Like in boxing, players can only bet who is the winner for a specific round or if there will be a knockdown or not. There are many options to bet with on sports betting but choosing the winning team is the most common.

4. Fishing

The fishing game is among the easiest and most loved casino games in Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino. Players who are new to the online casino might try fishing as their first casino game. In this game, you only need to catch the fish, big or small, to earn coins. The bigger, the better. Even aloof fish generate more money; however, always bear in mind the available bullets. Match your bullets with your prey. Sometimes, you might be wasting your bullets on the big fish when the small ones can equally give you the same amount. So better check on your fishing game strategy.

When in doubt to play the game, consider these six reasons to play fishing, as recommended by Nueve Gaming:

1. Easy to play

The fishing game is the best choice for newbies in the online casino industry because it is very much easy to play. If you have a tiring day or a boring day even, fishing games available in Nueve Gaming can cure that stress away. You only need to check on the Nueve Gaming website or app, browse the fishing games, and start shooting fish. It may seem easy and boring; however, fishing still gives the same excitement as the other casino games.

2. A good stress reliever

Fishing games, including the ones in Nuebe Gaming and FaChai online casino , have been proven to remove that stress away. You can direct your stress or anger by shooting fish and destroying the marine world while earning money. Instead of relieving your anger or stress with other things, why not try the fishing game to get real value without complicating things on your end.

3. It connects you to your inner child.

Gaming alone can bring you back to your childhood, but fishing games connect you to the inner child hidden inside you. Adults sometimes stays their inner child hidden without the thought of releasing it if the situation deems it. Adults associate it with immaturity and childishness that they believe does not have a space in the professional world. However, experts believe otherwise. Adults need to connect to their inner child once in a while to maintain that creative and imaginative spirit and allow themselves to grow and learn new information. Fishing games in nueve gaming help you connect with your inner child while also earning money as an adult. Indeed, hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Another way to bond with your wife and kids

Nowadays, it has been an issue for parents and children not to have time to bond with one another. Society blames the internet and gadgets for this change in family dynamics. But as a modern parent, you can change how things work in your family. You can all bond while playing fishing games in nueve gaming. There is no better way for parents to reconnect with their kids than to try new technology to relate with them.

5. Fishing games teach you to embrace failure.

It is always a given in online casino games that luck cannot always be on our side. Sometimes, we will experience failures and dismay. However, knowing your online gaming boundaries, you can use these failures or losses to constantly work on your strategy to ensure the majority wins the next time you wish to play. But always put to mind to set a limit in an online casino. Both Nueve Gaming and FaChai online casino encourage their players to be mindful of their betting habits.

6. You can earn money while having fun.

Shooting fish is a fun game to do - one thing that can kill boredom or relieve stress. However, it would be much more exciting to know that you can earn real money with fishing games in Nueve Gaming. You only need to build a shooting strategy and start shooting fish. If you win, then you both have fun and more money. Plus, you can play it anywhere and anytime. You can play fishing games during a break at work or while on your way to your home from the office. How fun could it be to earn extra cash while sitting through traffic.

7. Slot machines

A slot machine is a kind of gambling game in Nueve Gaming that features spinning reels. After you place a bet and spin the reels, those symbols will land at random on certain reels. Players are awarded prizes if these symbols line up. Although these games have been present since the late 19th century, their popularity has only increased since then. Originally, these were mechanical machines that rotated the reels using springs and gears. In FaChai online casino slot machines, a random number generator computer program determines the symbols that will land on the "payline". The computer program used in Nueve Gaming slot machines generates random numbers and performs millions of number cycles each second. The moment you press the spin button, the program comes to a complete stop.

Six Tips to make your Nueve Gaming Slot Machine Experience worthwhile

nuevegamingA004.png Slot games may be the easiest yet unpredictable games to play, but still, you need to have a strategy in playing this game. Besides luck and prayers, one should also know when to risk it all or risk only a minimum. Here are the six tips you can apply if you wish to ace the slot games in Nueve Gaming or FaChai online casino :

1. Play with a higher denomination

Playing with a higher denomination means you are maximizing your potential to win in Nueve Gaming slot games. While you need to pay more than the players with a low denomination, you will, however, reap the rewards if you win the game. If you are given the option to bet on Php 1,000 or Php 2000, better choose the latter.

2. Bet on the Maximum

A lot of slot games in online casino sites, including Nuebe Gaming, attract several players, especially if it markets itself as a slot game that guarantees you a win in one spin. However, you cannot experience one spin-to-win feature if you don't bet on the maximum. Make sure to bet on the maximum than on the minimum with several spins yet little payout.

3. Choose a slot game with fewer complications.

Multiline slots with bonus rounds and multipliers are often complicated. Furthermore, more features also mean that some more symbols and reels slim your chances of winning in the nueve gaming slot game. For a more direct experience, head straight to simple slot games with three reels and single-line. Though playing for multi-line slots is fun, it is still best to try simple slots first, especially if you are a newbie. You can slowly change your slot once you have mastered the art of slot games in Nueve Gaming or FaChai online casino.

4. Avoid thinking of your imaginary wins

The online slots in Nuebe Gaming run using the Random Number Generators that resets after every spin. This means, however, that the game itself is unpredictable and there is no way for the player to predict that he or she will win the game. As much as possible, do not expect too much on winning, but focus more on how you strategize your choices and money. Focusing more on your imaginary wins will only make you lose more.

5. Know when to stop.

Sometimes, when gamblers or bettors got to taste the sweet victory, they thirst for more. In the end, they will gamble all their wins and end up losing it in one game. Hence, if you are new to Nueve Gaming slot games, better set a limit on when to stop playing. Never get too greedy and gamble everything all at once. You need to be calculative in your steps, especially since it is a very much unpredictable environment. Furthermore, never let yourself be tempted by more money because as said, it will only lead you to nowhere.

6. Enjoy.

It is always a cardinal rule in casino gaming to enjoy the game. You could win more if your focus is more on giving yourself time to enjoy than the prize that awaits you if you win. Let the FaChai online casino or Nueve Gaming slot games be a source of fun, not solely a source of income. Again, slot games are unpredictable despite being easy. You cannot guarantee consecutive wins in this game. If you only play slot games without enjoying them, then you are defeating the purpose of having these games in the first place.

7. Table Games

Table games refer to games played on the table like blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat. These games are available in Nueve Gaming and Fachai online casino for table game lovers. These are commonly played against the casino and controlled by one or more live croupiers. While table games are frequently played in casinos and often include legal gambling, they can also be played privately under different house rules. However, the modernization of a lot of things also led to table games being played online, like in Nuebe Gaming.


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