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egamesonline001.pngThe rise of technology at FaChai online casino has made a dramatic change in the modern world. Today, more than ever, every lifestyle aspect seems to have a traditional and virtual counterpart – much to your benefit and enjoyment. E sports and e games online betting is definitely in the list. There is no point in getting behind the trend when everybody else is enjoying and actually benefiting from it greatly. With its convenience and entertaining features, it’s no wonder that e games online betting and e sports, in general, has become a crowd favourite even at FaChai online casino. Egames online betting wasn’t really a hit right away and this is an honest assessment for you. We do not want to sugarcoat the gradual development of e games online betting in comparison to FaChai online casino. E games online betting had a slow start since most of the attention of gamblers was in casino games at FaChai online casino. However, with the rise of e sports players, many gamers have been playing it just as competitively as athletes would with traditional sports and how it is being received by the crowd has also evolved. Slowly, egames online betting was born and continues to grow today. In fact, it is here to stay because now that it is out, there is really no stopping e games online betting and FaChai online casino.

Traditional Sports vs. E Sports

Before we dive into the whole new world out there that is being offered by e games online betting and FaChai online casino, it is important to take a quick step back. Whether you are a sports fan or not, it would be nice to take things into its proper perspective for you to enjoy the fullness of it. Who knows, you might learn a lot and learn to love egames online betting as well. There is always that big question: which is better, traditional sports or e sports? The answer is both. It actually depends on what you like to play, how to play, and your current disposition. Just like egames online betting, traditional sports betting is also being enjoyed by a good number of people. However, it depends on one’s preference on which to engage in. The same thing goes for one’s preference over e sports or traditional sports. Most of the time though, it’s both. Athletes like gaming, and gamers also like sports. It’s not one over the other. It’s more of which one to pick at the moment.

While these two types of sports, traditional sports betting and esports, are played very differently, since one would require a physical venue and the other a virtual platform like in FaChai e games online betting, the nature of it is quite similar. And so if you have like traditional sports, then it is most likely that you will love the online version. On the other hand, if you don’t like sports, there is still a possible that you like e games online betting as well. Needless to say, if you have been exploring it, go ahead and try it. You have got nothing to lose really – but everything to gain. There is the game, there is the competition, and then there is the betting. The only major difference is that e games online betting is done on an online platform. Those familiar with traditional sports betting would know that the bets are being settled during the duration of the ongoing game and cash is the mode of betting. Conversions do not apply in traditional sports betting. In e games online betting, however, bettors arrange their bets virtually and conversions of money into an item can be applied. Interested to know more? Please read on.

Is E Games Online Betting a Better Option?

egamesonline002.png While e sports and FaChai online casino have been around for some time, e games online betting notably wasn’t as popular when it was just starting as compared today where it has somewhat reached a peak in being a community favorite. As they say, better late than never and well, it is for its own good that online betting took a bit of time to develop. As you can see now, its growth is continuing and it is estimated that by the year 2030 perhaps e games online betting will have a demand worth nearly $153.6 billion. With such estimation, it is safe to say that e games online betting has surpassed its rookie days in the virtual sphere.

So the question then comes, is FaChai e games online betting a better option than traditional sports betting? The entire concept of sports betting remains relatively similar in both setups. The bettor can bet on games, series, and entire tournaments, and in the process, gets familiar with the players so as to be able to discern which player or team to bet on. Traditional sports betting is done in a conventional manner, thus faulty human errors has the possibility to occur. E games online betting on the other hand, relies on the digitized system that it has been programmed with. And faulty errors are less likely to occur. At the end of the day though, the choice is yours whether you will stick with traditional sports betting especially when you have been so used to it already for years and has probably experienced how it is to win. Meanwhile, what egames online betting offers you is a different alternative that you can try and see if you are up for it or not. If you must know though, thousands enjoy them every day so can’t you?

Skills vs. Luck in E Games Online Betting

In other gambling games at FaChai online casino, the question of whether it takes skill or luck to win big is quite relevant. With FaChai online casino, there are lots of games you can choose from. We encourage you to try them out until you are able to find what you like. We have the ever popular slot games, fishing, poker, baccarat, or poker. But going back to the question of skill versus luck in egames online betting, this certainly needs some pondering on. Some gambling games like bingo or slots is definitely more about luck than skill more than ever. You can also say that skill games can include those that require a bit of thinking and strategy before making a move or placing some bets. However in e games online betting, does it also apply? Unlike casino games gambling, e games online betting is a bit different in nature. While in online casino games, it is the luck and skill of the gambler himself that matters; in e games online betting, it all relies on the skill and luck of the player or team you are betting on. So you can say that it is a bit of both.

So as a bettor, the skills that you need to be developing in order to be able to make the right betting calls at FaChai e games online betting, is first and foremost, to do your homework and check on the players’ skills, abilities, track record, and strategic methods utilized. You can say that this part is really a skill that you should develop if you haven’t already. Some bettors have this first-time luck then bet and win. But in the long run, they realize that it will take more than that. E games online betting can be an easy way for the bettor to win real money as long as he bets on the right player or team. A lot of research, studying and analysing is needed at this point. But no worries, because checking on the game, its players, and the sort, is made easy through the various streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. With live streaming and reviews being part of the e sporting world, it is easy for the bettor to have a direct connection with the e sports player and teams they wish to get to know more about. All the hard work will pay off in the long run as e games online betting a natural skill for you that you can do even with eyes closed.

What is E Games Online Betting?

E games online betting is a vast market worldwide. Given its online nature, its commerce is extensive covering almost all types of demographics. It really knows no age, race, or geographic location for as long as it meets the legal requirements for that particular country. FaChai e games online betting has surely made betting highly convenient, allowing the bettor to be able to place a bet on a particular team or player wherever they are, whenever they have access to the platform. This really egames online betting to the next level and words cannot really describe how amazing it is. But when you start playing, that is the realization will come.

Just as it is done with conventional betting, the bettor can wager real money in FaChai e games online betting. Although notably a big number of bettors opt to go for in-play items to wager instead. Reason behind such move is that it gives them the power to choose and settle a rare item in the game and later on wager it on a more profitable item, where they can, in the end gain success of money. So yes, this certainly is something that you should be considering as well. There are also tournaments where players would be quite competitive over items and you will find that “skin” and other gaming items are being traded. Basically egames online betting offers the bettor a more exciting way to gamble through e sports. But don’t take our word for it. As we have encouraged you earlier, it is best to give it a try, have the best experience ever, and see it for yourself.

How Does E Games Online Betting Work?

A lot of those new to FaChai e games online betting are curious about how does it actually work. This is where it differs significantly from traditional sports betting. In e games online betting, the bettor uses crypto currency as method of payment. While not totally, but majority of those engaging in e games online betting are comfortable with such payment method and has shown preference for crypto currency over other modes. When Bit coin started its expansion in 2008, e games online betting sites started using crypto currency and it resulted to the new evolution of currency for deposits and withdrawals. Today in e games online betting, a bettor makes a deposit in the betting arena, wherein the wager deposited will then be converted into chips or flat currencies. Often times than not, e games online betting sites uses these chips to balance the value line. Basically when betting on e sports, there are three types of e games online betting.


Match Winner – this concept simply requires the bettor to make a bet on a specific participant or team whom they think has a very big chance of winning the match or the game.

Betting Outrights – this is a spontaneous betting style. No further analysis is done by the bettor. FaChai e games online betting. The bets are just placed before the competition. Totals – this type of betting deals with data analysis. The bettor takes a complete look at the player’s or team’s stats, total maps played, total kills, total round, total points, etc. It’s like checking out a portfolio before placing a bet. For some, all the hard work and analysis is really enjoyable and very much worth it in the end.

Choosing E Games

Picking an e games online betting site needs considerable amount of time and effort if you are really particular about who to make your bets with Of course it is important play e games online betting with a reliable company like FaChai online casino. And by reliable we do not only mean legal, safe, and secure. We also mean that it is player-centric – one which has you in mind. When you are able to trust who you bet with, you will have peace of mind and be able to focus on studying your bets, and in the end enjoying the whole FaChai e games online betting experience. First off, familiarization is a must so your patience and perseverance is a must at this point. However, once you’ve familiarized with the e games online betting games, the players, and the teams, it would be a breeze. Knowing the game’s stats and record in the gaming sphere, it would not be as confusing as it is when you are just getting into it and have basically no idea what it is all about. Even for those who have an idea or two about it, it is still recommended to give a considerable amount of time and effort in learning about the stats of the game. How popular is it, how many competitors are joining, what is the success rate, all those stuff. Not much analysis, no hassle. Once you’re into e games online betting, you will be encountering ArcaneBet and GG Bet. These are actually bookmakers that have sprung unexpectedly from the traditional ones like Bet365 and Betway.

E Games Online Betting Tips from the Experts

Tip #1: Know the Game

A rule of thumb when starting with something like FaChai e games online betting: get to know it. Jumping in blind won’t be beneficial to anyone. Having at least the basic ideas about what you’re getting into is highly recommended if you don’t want to end up disappointed. So first things first – know the game. What does it take to know the game/s? There are two ways you can know the game/s you wish to bet engage online betting on. One, you can research on it. E games online betting has been continuously growing and the number of teams and players out there have been increasing as well. It would be a good move on your part to get to know about updates and developments every now and then. How do you do that? Check out reliable sites to be certain that what you are reading is a good source of information. Sites like Reddit is known to be highly reliable on the information they share regarding updates on upcoming e sports tournaments, the most recent statistics, opinions about competitors, and even tips for e games online betting. Although, these tips may not be fool proof since it all still boils down to the skill, analysis, and luck; but it can definitely help steer you to the right direction.

And the other way to get to know FaChai e games online betting is to play the game – this is something that we cannot overemphasize. Doing and playing yourself is the best way to learn. How else could you familiarize yourself with something but to get up close and personal, right? Playing the game is experiencing it first-hand and as you know by now, experience is the best teacher. It will allow you to fully understand how it is to play it, how it feels, how the controls are, how the movements are, how the strategies can be played, etc… This will give you a good idea on what to look for when you are checking out the stats and records of the teams or players you wish to place a bet on. By knowing how e sports are played, you have become knowledgeable of the ins and outs that may help in winning the chosen gamer. When you get past all that, you will see that you will start to enjoy the game slowly.

Tip #2: Always Have a Financial Plan

FaChai e games online betting can be fun and can get you hooked especially if you’re on a roll with consecutive winnings. However, gambling is a game of risk and chance, and even with all the analysis you’ve made, there is still that chance that it won’t come out as you expected it to be. In gambling there are what you can call bad days. So in order not to make a bad day worse, always have a financial plan for your e games online betting. Your financial plan can simply consist of two things: the monthly betting budget and the staking scheme. By having these two, you can be confident that your e games online betting experience will be fun and exciting, rather than disappointing.

The thing about FaChai e games online betting is that a lot of gamblers have discovered the convenience and has actually gotten used to it. Online betting has levelled up betting by making it possible for the bettors to actually place bets anytime, anywhere. This also means that they get to use up their money and resources in spontaneous betting. However with a financial plan – setting a monthly betting budget and a staking scheme, e games online betting can be placed under control and the bettor won’t have to deal with unfortunate gambling circumstances.

Tip #3: The Monthly Betting Budget

Always remember before starting to get involved with FaChai e games online betting: never start betting without having a monthly betting budget. Also, next thing to take note of: your monthly betting budget should never intrude on your daily spending needs. So how can you allocate an amount for your betting budget? Perhaps it should only be around 10% to 20% of your monthly income. From your monthly income, you should already take out your daily spending expenses like for food, bills, transportation, etc. All the things that you need for your daily life. Remember, all your essential expenses should not be sacrificed to make way for gambling expenses. Once you have deducted all you need for your daily needs, you can set an amount from what is left for your e games online betting budget. To make the picture clearer, here’s an example: you make $2000 revenue per month. You take out your daily needs expenses for food, rent, bills, and transportation, which let’s say costs around $1500. So you still have $500 remaining for the month. Should you gamble all $500? Ideally, you can allocate around $100 - $300 as your monthly betting budget. Leave some for unexpected needs that may come up for the month. If nothing comes up, save it, you might just need it for a rainy day. You see, e games online betting doesn’t have to impose difficulty or conflict on your budget. It can fit in, as long as you can manage how much to spend in a month. If you win, then it’s a good thing you are able to have more for the month.

Tip #4: The Staking Scheme

In case you’re wondering what this is all about, a staking scheme is basically a simple technique you apply on how much money you place one each of your bets. It’s basically a plan on the amount of money you put on each of your wagers. There is no consistency when it comes to gambling. Every person who has tried gambling knows this. However, having a staking scheme, or a staking plan as what others may refer to it, will help you keep your funds in managed, and it can also keep you mindful of your betting. E games online betting at FaChai online casino can get exciting and can sometimes get you to make spontaneous decisions at the moment. This can turn out to your advantage, or perhaps the opposite. Having a staking scheme in place will help keep your mind on making the right calls. Staking plans can be modified or remedied, so it’s not like it’s a permanent thing once you’ve set one for yourself. What does it mean when we say it can be modified? Let’s say you have allotted only a certain amount for a particular wager. However, you firmly believe that this player or team have very high chances of winning. If that is the case, you can choose to increase the amount of your bet than what you have originally allocated for your staking plan. Of course, this will only apply to this particular situation. In other times, you will still start with what you have in your staking scheme. In a way, having a staking scheme keeps you on track.

Tip #5: Choosing E Games Online Betting Providers

With a lot of egames online betting sites out there like FaChai online casino with all their marketing schemes, it can get quite confusing for the client. Each of these sites have their own styles in enticing and getting the attention of prospective clients, and you will probably be very indecisive on which one to pick. So what do you do? Find the right one for you. Finding the right e games online betting site for you will mean that it is the right match for you and your chances of winning is increased. You can start with FaChai online casino and check if it is a good match indeed. If you are an e games bettor who goes after total data analysis, then you are most likely more focused on total maps, total kills, total rounds, and total points. If that is so, then you find the online betting operator who can give you the best markets for the highest odds. Now, if you are the kind of bettor who is more into betting on defeats, you may target betting providers who offer the highest probability to the underdogs. There are also some bettors who would go for betting skins instead of cash. Whichever one you are, then know that there are e games online betting provider who is a match for your betting style and what you are looking for.

Tip #6: Be Patient Waiting for Tournaments

Just like in traditional sports, e gaming tournaments at FaChai online casino are also considered big events and exciting stuff can always be anticipated from it. E sports events like DreamHack and The International are huge events that draw in the attention of bookies. Tournaments mean more competition; and more competition means more wagers waiting in line, ready to take advantage of the better odds. Egames online betting becomes a busy event during tournaments. However, it is not all the time that there are tournaments. For betting on games, that is a regular thing. Yet with tournaments, these are scheduled events and it’s not every day that you can come across one. So in case you still haven’t, be patient and wait because the best tournaments are yet to come. And when it does, it is one big party!


E Sports Genres

There are a number of genres when it comes to e sports at FaChai online casino. Some are a bit intense, while others are more relaxed. Whichever of the genres you prefer, egames online betting is something that will be enjoyable for you because there is a genre for every bettor out there.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Multiplayer online battle arena, otherwise known as MOBA, is one of the most popular gaming genre among egames online betting. This e sports genre includes games like Dota, and League of Legends, wherein the setting of the games are in another world with various mythological ficitional characters that possesses abilities, powers, characteristics, and traits that can be advantageous to the player. Of course, they also have weaknesses to balance out the game, but it is up to the player to work on how to use the player and make its feats get high succession rates.

First-Person Shooter

This game can be played in teams, but the focus is really just on the player, that is why it is called First-Person Shooter, or in short, FPS. This e sports genre includes games like Counterstrike: Global, Call of Duty, and Halo. These games are usually war games since it uses a First-person shooter perspective for the player. The player sees the screen as if it is seeing it through his own eyes. There are lots of explosive action in this type of games and can get the players to be quite vocal and expressive, voicing out their frustrations over a wrong move, or their gloating over a success. FaChai online casino and egames online betting is quite popular for FPS games especially CSGO, or simply known as Counterstrike. For a military conquest type of game, though, you are going to be betting on a team rather than a single player. The game can also get stretched out since it depends on the team players and their strategies on how they can secure a win. FPS games have long had tournaments since the early 2000’s and it has been a popular choice for online gaming bettors.

Fighting Games

This esports genre is actually one of the earliest types to have tournaments in egames online betting. This genre include games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Super Smash Bros. This kind of gaming requires two players to compete, or “fight” each other’s characters. Of course, this kind of gaming requires skill and practice, as well as a good idea of your opponent. Knowing how your opponent does his fights will actually increase your chances of winning. So for those betting on this type of game, it is important to check on both players competing at a particular round to be able to make a good call on who to bet on.


Though the racing genre is simply a virtual version of the actual sport, it can still hype up one’s adrenaline. The concept of racing games is very simple and very much alike the conventional sport. Some games may include power ups or bonuses that the racer might pick up along at the track, but aside from that, the goal is the same. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. Egames online betting with this e sports genre is very much like betting on a race track. You bet on the player whom you think can “drive” the fastest and efficiently to the finish line. Games in this genre may include Formula One, Gran Turismo Sport, and Trackmania.

Real-Time Strategy

This gaming genre involves competitors competing with each other on real-time strategy games. This is usually played over a local area network, but can also played across the internet. Games in this genre include StarCraft, and WarCraft III. RTS games are highly popular for tournaments that countries like South Korea and the US have e sports organizations that host tournament events for these games. Egames online betting is a huge event for Real-Time Strategy games.

Sports Egames

It’s quite ironic that there’s an e games genre for traditional sports. Basically it is traditional sports but made into digitized version at FaChai online casino and egames online betting. Of course here the bettors bet on the player whom they think will do well in the sport they are playing. This is the closest betting of online games to the traditional one. Games for this genre include FIFA series, NBA 2K, and Evolution Soccer.

Third-Person Shooter

This is closely related to FPS, but the difference is that the player character can be seen on-screen while the game is played. With FPS, you can’t see the player, you are the player. With Third-Person Shooter, you can see the player like you’re a drone following the player during the game. The concept is still the same, shooting. Egames online betting is also quite popular for this genre. Games like Fortnite, Splatoon 2, and Gears of War belong to this genre.


This is the less aggressive type of gaming, but more on analysis and skills. Games like Tetris, Puyo Puyo, World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Clash of Clans, and War Thunder may fall under this category. These games can be considered under the puzzle genre because it takes analysis and strategy to complete the tasks and levels. This is not quite popular in the egames online betting choices of most individuals. This genre is mostly played by people but only few wager on it.

Fachai online casino and egames online betting has become apparent in many countries and continues to grow in popularity in other countries as well. Countries like South Korea and Japan have long enjoyed gaming and have embraced this as part of their pop culture. In fact many games have started its development from these countries and later on other countries just followed suit. When the pandemic happened, given how travel restrictions have made going around such a challenge, egames online betting have then grown more popular than ever – and not only in countries where gaming is widely popular, but also in countries where it received just an average crowd before. As this has become a trend, more and more governments have even considered online betting as a legal form of entertainment. Although there are still some states in the United States of America, as well as other countries internationally, that still restricts online betting seeing it as gambling and they have laws against it. But there are grey areas in these laws that perhaps wagers like trading of skin in games and winning of in-play items can be considered since some laws only view the wagers using real money as illegal. Most countries in Europe has legalized online betting as well. Hence, when it comes to e sports and e games, betting online is definitely a trend that is here to stay.


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